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Our Founders bring 20+ years of home improvement and technology expertise to give you best roof measurement platform in the roofing industry.

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With teams based in Silicon Valley and South Carolina, employees at come together with a shared purpose. To create the most innovative, reliable, and intuitive measurement platform in the roofing industry. We are driven by the growth of each and every customer who uses our products today. This is what makes everyone at excited to keep enhancing our products constantly.

We have built the easiest measurement platform just for you

Now you can get roofing reports faster while still being cost effective. We wanted provide you the ability to choose how you want to measure the roof on your terms, not ours.

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Richards & Son

The accuracy of the SmartMeasure Report is outstanding! This is now our go-to-tool for roof measurements.

Harry Helmet

The InstaMeasure Report is the perfect tool for rehashing old lost jobs.

Rick's Roofing LLC is a game-changer for us!

Spotless Surfaces

Now I can quote my customers right over the phone for all of my roof cleaning jobs. This saves me gas and increases my margins on all jobs!

Claims Consultants

Usually when doing a claim, it takes a few days and it costs well over $65-$75 per report. The SmartMeasure report orders much faster and for fixed rate of $49 no matter the size.

Febres Roofing

Normally it takes hours or even days to wait around for my quick squares to bid on a job. Now it takes seconds!


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We built our platform to automatically build out and organize a customer database so you can focus less on document storage and more on following up with your customers.

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